Technology in Motion is a company committed to add value to your business. We provide skills and resources to meet your expectations by (1) identifying and scoping the problem, (2) analyzing and developing the best business strategy, and (3) giving you the tools and help required to execute and implement the solution.

In Technology in Motion we validate, design and execute technology commercialization strategies to capitalize your intellectual property. We’ve gathered a suite of tools to perform patent analysis, valuation and promotion of your Intellectual Property.

Our services include consulting, training, couching, as well as, implementation of software solutions and Web development. Our customers include university OTTs, entrepreneurs and corporations looking for ways to monetize their intellectual capital.

Throughout our office of technology transfer in Mexico and China, we offer a reach that very few can. Technology in Motion is proudly member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Austin Texas, as well as the Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos.