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Onko Solutions Case Study

Scope: 4 months

Health IT: Cloud Integration & Machine Learning

About Onko Solutions

Onko Solutions is a company established in the United States but mainly works with Latin American countries. Onko Solutions is committed to the development of accurate and innovative solutions that contribute to the detection, prevention and treatment of cancer in underserved communities. Their goal is to constantly transform lives by providing reliable solutions for the detection and treatment of cancer that offer immediate results and are affordable for everyone.


What is InstaPap?

InstaPAP is a revolutionary medical device that detects and prevents cervical cancer, even at its early stages. Unlike the Pap smear and other cervical screening methods, InstaPAP does not require a tissue sample or lab work, eliminating the need of complex infrastructure and costs associated with traditional cytology. 

InstaPAP consists of a small probe that delicately and superficially approaches different points in the cervix in order to obtain optical and electronic signs in the cervical tissue. InstaPAP's technology immediately analyzes that data and provides the physician with the results.

How Tech in Motion Helped


Tech in Motion needed to build this cloud solution for physicians, so that physicians can use and access the data from the device. The physician who will have access to the patients health record, or EHR, will actually trigger the test, from the app, and then receive the results once the device was done collecting the data. This will send results directly from the device to the physician if the patient has cervical cancer or not, and the physician will add it to the patients’ record. Physicians get an immediate result, which reduces anxiety in the patient, and allows them to make the necessary decisions to ensure the patient's well-being, including starting treatment if necessary.

Cloud Platform allows the physician to manage a database of all of their patients. With just a couple of clicks, the physician can access vital information, such as the patient's past medical history, the most recent result, past results, area of the cervical lesion (if any), and it even allows the physician to order additional tests and schedule future appointments.

3 Main Components of this Integration

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What were some of the challenges faced in this project?

Connecting the device with the application was a big challenge, because there needed to be a reliable connection between devices that had the ability to connect to the internet using Wi Fi. Oftentimes, patients in remote areas needed to use the device outside of the internet reception area. That brought up a challenge to sync up all the data that was collected on those remote areas without access to the internet as well as updating the databases properly and all the information sequentially. We had to find the right way to make sure that all the data was uploaded the way it's supposed to and and collected properly.

“There were some issues that we found down the road that required changes at the last moment. But thanks to the fact that the architecture that we developed was modular, we were able to accommodate those last moment changes without major impact to the rest of the implementation” - Hector Torres

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