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Nurse Practitioner Case Study 

Scope: 4 Phases, 3 weeks each

Health IT: Automated workflow, Process Optimization, Application Connectivity


A small practice located in New York, desperately needed the proper help with their healthcare IT. This practice, like other cases, had more than enough software that it had become a major issue logistically. Workflows were being repeated, time was being lost, and very few patients were able to be seen in a typical workday because of having in-efficient software. Often without the funds to hire a full time IT employee, the nurse or office manager had to play the role of the IT personnel. They found themselves spending more time trying to figure out or fix the software than helping the patient which is the main priority.


How Tech in Motion Helped

Tech in Motion came in to give a complete analysis of all the workflows. What we found were that some applications needed to be updated, some eliminated, and some new software implemented.

We were able to establish an automated workflow that allowed the staff to efficiently communicate with one another while not having to re-input patient data in each application manually thus saving the practice valuable time.

The EMR system they currently had was very inefficient. Being a very small practice, the system they had was too complex and too expensive for the size of the practice.


At Tech in Motion we believe that your practice should have the right sized platform to work as efficiently as possible. So we removed several subscriptions to services that they didn't need. This was able to save the practice money by eliminating those excess subscriptions that weren’t needed or used. 




What were some of the challenges faced in this project?

When your practice is going through a change, you need a group of unique support people that help you navigate the change. This is especially important when you have to maintain your operations while you're trying to change all your tools and all your applications. It becomes really complicated to do both things at the same time. So we provided all the assistance to help do a smooth transition from the legacy system to the new one.

Training personnel to use the new applications can be a difficult challenge. What we did at Tech in Motion was provide instructional tools that included documentation and a video on how to use the software so that the practice can have it in their possession for future employees.

Another challenge we faced was the fact that this practice had a limited budget.

So what we did was we extended the project and broke it down in phases, so that they could basically implement one phase, see the benefits of that phase, and then implement the second phase and so on. There were a total of 4 phases, and the practice was able to pay one phase at a time instead of a large sum up front. This helped the implementation be less aggressive, more transitional and easier to spot when things go wrong.

Collaboration Tools

Tech in motion uses a platform to communicate every step of the way with their clients. We keep the clients updated and have weekly meetings regarding the progress of the implementation as well as address any issues or adjustments that need to be taken care of. We keep the client in mind the entire process.

Previous to Tech in Motions analysis, this practice was only seeing 5 patients a day.


After the Update, Eliminate, Implement process, the practice was able to see 3 times more patients in one day. We were able to work with their budget by using phases and an agile work environment to ease the transition into the new processes.

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