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Lab Collection Service 

Scope: Still in process

Health IT: Cloud Services, Data Mapping


A 15 year old company that provides a service of picking up lab specimens directly from the patient to take to the laboratories or care providers. This compassionate service is provided for those who are unable to complete their lab work because they simply can’t figure out the logistics of completing it. They safely and discreetly collect the specimen required, transport to the lab for analysis, and provide the doctor with results. The company has 50 active users and does more than 100 transactions per day.

Being that this company is already 15 years old, the software they were using was very outdated and limited. They had a field management system, a CRM, and an EHR, but none of them were connected to each other. This prevented them from communicating with each and made their job more difficult and repetitious. They had to re enter data from one application to the other preventing their workflow from moving forward.

How Tech in Motion Helped


We did a complete analysis of all the architecture, workflows, and operations. We analyzed the different options and possible solutions that were out there on the market and did some scouting for replacement products that can address all of their needs. 


After 4 weeks scouting for new solutions we had spent an additional 2 weeks talking to these companies receiving demos about their products. We do this to validate that these products work and will be the best fit for the company. 


Now that we had all the right tools we began to use them to connect the applications. How we did that was by using integration and data mapping. This was beneficial for them to all communicate and use the same systems instead of repeating the same steps.

Integration & Data Mapping Solution

What were some of the challenges faced in this project?

The main challenge was that we needed this client to be HIPAA compliant. We had to create a private cloud for them using Amazon web services. 

This was a private cloud to protect the patient's private information.

It also provides all the protection that is required by HIPAA, to ensure that there is no misuse of patients private information.

Another challenge was finding the right application by interviewing all of the different companies, and evaluating their core functionality. On top of that, it was activating a HIPAA compliant environment. We were able to solve that by using the amazon cloud services.

Even though this project is still underway, we have identified the vendors that will provide the right assistance to reduce the workflow. We have designed a new architecture and have implemented some of the core critical pieces.

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